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  • Water, Water Everywhere

    Water, Water Everywhere

    “Water, Water Everywhere, and all the boards did shrink. Water, Water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink” from ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ by 18th Century Poet Samual Taylor Coleridge. Although the Ancient Mariners of the 18th Century clearly understood that much of the earth’s surface was covered by water they quickly learned that […]

  • Transitioning Between Houses

          You’ve decided it’s time to buy a new home however, you have a home you need to sell in order to do that, or at the very least want to minimize the carrying costs & uncertainty about locating your next home in the interim…how do you manage transitioning between houses ? Do you […]

  • Negotiation Insights – You Can Take It With You

    Negotiation Insights – You Can Take It With You

    Laying a solid foundation via effective social media and maximizing use & creativity in preparing the multiple listing can easily be neutralized via poorly handling the negotiation of an offer or multiple offers. Investors Trust Realty provides Seller with the most comprehensive planning from our very first meeting thru closing. No two sales are exactly alike however, with hundreds of […]

  • Selling Your Home and Buying Another

    Selling Your Home and Buying Another

    Selling your Home and buying another can be a challenge, especially in a market with an inventory of just 2.3 months (the amount of time it would take to deplete all listings if no new listings were added) as is the case here in the Portland, OR metro area.  Inventory below 6 months is indicative […]

  • When is Cash no longer King ?

    When is Cash no longer King ?

    When is cash no longer King for Oregon home buyers & sellers? It’s not likely sellers will ever lose an affinity for accepting an all-cash offer on their property. It’s equally true that buyer’s with the financial resources to make an all-cash offer will continue to do so with the knowledge that their offers will […]

  • Repair it all Home Inspections

    Repair it all Home Inspections are typically the product of a buyer seeking to get a fresh start in life in their new home. In some instances, that long wish list of repairs may be a part of a strategy employed by a buyer in order to regain some of what they may feel they […]

  • Does Lifetime Really Mean Lifetime For Your Roof ?

    I think you can get into semantics over a wide variety of definitions as to what a lifetime roof really means. Here are some things to think about and perhaps it creates more questions than it answers but, here goes. First, everything seemingly has to wear out at some point in time, even a metal […]

  • What Buyer’s should know about Broker referrals

    What Buyer’s should know about Broker referrals

    What buyers should know about Broker referrals… Ask any Broker about referring Lenders, Home Inspectors, or Contractors to their buyer clients and you’ll get a wide range of answers from referring several for each trade, referring just their most trusted individual to not referring anyone at all. The one common thread among those three points […]

  • G.R.I. Certification

                Just Completed the required course work for the Graduate Realtor Institute (G.R.I.).

  • Multifamily Conversion

    Multifamily Conversion

         When one thinks of the term conversion as it’s used in Real Estate, one of the first thoughts that may come to mind is that of converting multifamily apartments to condos.  As prices continued to appreciate during the years prior to 2007, there were numerous conversions that yielded far better returns ‘by the […]